Thattu by Disha Zaveri

Thesis Statement:

To create efficient and crafted tableware and cooking ware that allows us to eat our food in a manner that’s unique to our culture. Designing handcrafted tableware that takes into consideration India’s unique cultural/culinary preferences; its also modular and socially sustainable.

TablewareFor my thesis I worked with ‘Direct Create’ for 3 months. DC gave me an opportunity to study and understand the different Indian cultures and traditions.
It is a platform that connects makers, designers, and buyers into a networked community to facilitate seamless collaboration, co-creation, and commerce. Also, this thesis helped me explore and understand several materials. Food travels borders seamlessly.

Product designOn studying, I realized the diversity between several Indian food cultures. More specifically, south Indian food is cherished and loved by one and all. The nuances of taste have been carefully preserved, however, the aesthetics of traditional tableware, have gradually eroded. This aspect of service is critical
to preserving the 1000-year-old south Indian tradition to eat from banana leaves which not only has cultural and mythical significance, but is also unique to south Indian food’s identity.

The project essentially takes it upon itself to provide a solution to this current problem, by discovering the unfeasibility and hygiene considerations. After getting a practical insight on the current market, we designed a unique bowl, avoiding spilling and pilferage of food. Under the mentorship of Rajeev Lunked, I have gained hands on design and material industry experience.

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