A Career in Product Design: Salary, Skills & Courses

A product designer is someone responsible for the design and development of a product from start to finish. As a product designer you work with engineers and other stakeholders to come up with solutions to current problems, or they might help create mock-ups. Wondering what product design is and how to become a product designer? But first and foremost what are roles and skills of a product designer do you have? Everything is being answered in this article. Take a look!


What is Product Designing?

Product Design


Product design is a process that involves working with a team to create a digital or physical product. It is usually focused on research and developing a strategy that fits with the user’s experience.


In the past, a career in product design has been associated with digital products such as apps and software. However, it can also be referred to as the design of physical goods, such as furniture and electronics.


‘The product design process is a process that designers use to create products that are designed to meet the needs of their users. They then work to make them more sustainable by optimizing the user experience.’


What is the role of a product designer?

Man designing a product

The job of a product designer can be split down into a few core responsibilities. These are some of them:


  • While a product designer might be involved in many different aspects of the design process, their main task is to create a product that is unique and desirable.
  • A product designer should consider the user as their priority when designing a product. They should also conduct A/B testing, and develop prototypes, and know-how to build journey maps.
  • A product designer should also collaborate with other teams to ensure that the product meets the company’s goals. This helps ensure that the finished product is user-friendly and fits in with the company’s overall strategy.


Types of a Product Designer


  • An automotive designer

    He or she is also responsible for the design and development of the various components and systems of a vehicle. He or she is also involved in the functional development of the vehicle, such as its electrical, electronic, and safety systems.

  • A furniture designer

    He or she is also involved in the design of furniture. He or she uses traditional and modern methods to create designs that are both functional and aesthetic. This type of designer usually starts by making sketches on paper. They then use computer software to create detailed designs.

  • An industrial designer

    He or she is responsible for the design of technical products, such as electronic gadgets such as smartphones and cars. Although he or she does not design the overall product, the industrial designer focuses on the technical aspects of the design.


You can explore more with ISDI’s Product design course as they offer a variety of projects, internships, and workshops.


Product designer vs UX designer: The difference


A good UX designer focuses on the design process to make sure that a product is designed to meet the needs of its users. A product designer, on the other hand, works on the entire product development process.


Generally, a product designer is expected to have a good grasp of the principles of user experience design. However, this can lead to confusion when the two titles are used.

How to know if Product Designing is the right fit for you?


Product design courses can be challenging and rewarding, especially for those with specialized experience. As a designer, you can help companies navigate through the various obstacles that come with doing business in the digital age. Although the similarities between product and UX designers are numerous, it’s important to note that the duties of a product designer are different.


Due to the complexity of product design, it can be challenging and rewarding to be a product designer. As a designer, you can often offer solutions to companies that are short-sighted. However, it’s also important to bear in mind that the roles of both product and UX designers vary.


If you have the following skills, “product designer” could be your dream job.


  • Develop and integrate business goals into the design and product decisions with pleasure;
  • You enjoy being a part of the complete design process;
  • Have a strong grasp of design and business, and Can evaluate large amounts of data to create designs that meet both business and user needs.


As a product designer, you should build brand value by developing compelling designs that are both user-centred and affordable. Your work should also demonstrate your ability to identify and address the needs of different audiences.

What are the skills and qualities required to become a Product Designer?


Before aspiring to become a product designer in India, one should first learn about product designer skills. There are various essential skills that a product designer should have to succeed.


  • Aesthetic Skills

     A product designer should have an eye for design and a passion for aesthetics. He or she should also have the necessary technical and scientific knowledge to create products that are aesthetically designed.

  • Technical Skills

    The product designer should also have the necessary skills to create 3D models and computer designs that explain the ideas behind the products. This is done through the use of computer-aided design software.

  • Organizing Skills

    As a product designer, he or she has to plan and manage various tasks to ensure that the work is completed on time and within budget. He or she also has to understand the customers’ needs and expectations to produce products that are designed to meet these.

  • Communication Skills

    The product designer should also have strong communication skills to effectively communicate with other people. He or she should also be able to present ideas clearly and concisely. Aside from this, the individual should also be able to produce effective reports.


The salary of a product designer depends on their experience and skills. In India, the average B.Des. The product Design salary is Rs. 3,99,000. Learn more about the product design course at ISDI website.


How can ISDI help?


Getting your graduation in product design is important. Hence, we suggest you enroll in the ISDI Product design course to get a holistic environment to grow and pursue your career in the desired field. 


ISDI offers various courses in product design that can help you get into a career with practical exposure. The institute’s campus is located in Mumbai, India’s commercial hub. It features a modern, state-of-the-art campus and is run by experienced faculty members from Parsons School of Design.


“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” 

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