Fancy a Career in Fashion Journalism? Here’s all you need to know

Would you like to travel and enjoy the art of fashion all over the globe? Then the answer you’re looking for is Fashion Journalism


Discovering new styles, ideas, and mannerisms of fashion and presenting them to an audience is all a part of fashion journalism. If you crave to do the same and make a career out of it, you’ve come to the right place!



Fashion journalism is a huge factor in our lives, a lot of us spend our time catching up on new Vogue(s) and FADs. We wait every week for our favorite writer to drop the new trends or worship bloggers like a ritual for the content that they provide. Here’s us telling you, you can be one of them.


All your dreams can come true! Because there is a way of reaching these goals. You can have the career you desire, so let us present to you a guide to understanding and achieving all to any kind of career in fashion journalism!


What is fashion journalism? 


Fashion journalism is the right platform for showcasing your talent in research and writing. You get to tell stories through your ideas and collaborate with other journalists and artists. These courses of design will set you on the right track for your future! 


There are multiple options of careers that you can choose from:


  • Freelancer 
  • Photographer
  • Critic 
  • Writer
  • Blogger 
  • Editor 
  • Reporter. 


As a fashion journalist, you should catch up on all the gossip about the new styles, and follow up on people’s new likes and obsessions. There are various things you can do to fulfil these requirements. 


Keep up with your favorite trends by 


  • Interviewing fashion designers 
  • Observing  different events like the Met Gala or the Red Carpet 
  • Collaborating with bloggers or stylists 
  • Keeping in touch with online fashion media 


Now that you’re familiar with the knicks-knacks of being a fashion journalist, let’s dive deep into the depths of careers in fashion journalism. 


Careers In Fashion Journalism and Its Perks

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There are various outlooks for careers in fashion journalism that you can give a chance to!



  • Fashion/Style Blogger


Fashion bloggers focus on expressing their knowledge of outfits, jewellery, and hair to the mass media by proposing it on social media sites. This can also be done by working with companies online, for example, companies like VOGUE India are inspiring people to present their ideas to the outside world through both magazines and social media. 


  • Courses required:

    B.Des (fashion communication), bachelor of fashion design, and further post-graduation in design are usually preferred. 


  • Salary:

    A beginner-level fashion blogger typically earns 1-3 lakh per annum in India. 



  • Photographer


Photographers in the fashion field have the job of working with stylists, make-up artists, and celebrities to depict the new fashion in many different forms. It can look like a photoshoot with celebrities to show the catalogue of a new stylist or work with a magazine. Online shopping websites like Myntra, and H&M hire fashion photographers to display their new collections. 


  • Courses required:

    Certification/diploma in fashion photography, B.Des (fashion communication), bachelor of fashion design, and further specialisation in master with photography is usually preferred. 


  •  Salary:

    Starting-level fashion photographers can earn up to 1,18,000 per annum in India. 



  • Fashion Reporter


If you’re interested in interacting and being in the work field, being a reporter would be the best for you. You need to be good at public speaking as this job will require you to interview famous fashion icons. As a fashion reporter, you will be inclined to observe and serve that gossip to your audience through magazines or even social media. 


  • Courses required:

    B.Des (fashion communication), bachelor of fashion design, and further post-graduation in designers usually preferred. Design courses like communication design will be beneficial. 


  • Salary:

    Starting-level fashion reporters can earn up to 1,01,1000 per annum in India. 



  • Fashion Editor 


Fashion writing is evolving and supervising, managing, and developing plans is an important responsibility. A fashion editor looks over the overall work of storytelling, publications, and creating new plans. They must fish out the errors and fix what needs to be fixed. The reliability of the polished work depends on them. 


  • Courses required:

    B.Des (fashion communication), bachelor of fashion design, and further post-graduation in design are usually preferred. 


  • Salary:

    Starting-level fashion editors can earn up to 2,00,000 lakh per annum in India. 



  • Freelancer


Being a  freelancer gives you more freedom and independence with your work, if you’re someone looking to work on your own or even work with your team, there are a lot of opportunities in fashion media and fashion journalism. You can work as a photographer, editor, writer, blogger, or even multiple things at once. Your salary also depends on the amount of work you get and how much experience you have. 


  • Courses required:

    B.Des (fashion communication), bachelor of fashion design, and further post-graduation in design are usually preferred. Design programs like Communication Design, Product Design, and Management will certainly be great.


  • Salary: The estimate is 1,00,000 lakh per annum if you’re just starting. For an experienced person in the field, it can go up to 10,00,000 to 20,00,000 lakh per annum.

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These courses will be a great start towards your future of creativity and transformation!


Salary can vary from person to person as fashion journalism in India depends on your experience and the company you work with. 


Fashion media and journalism are ever-expanding so don’t be scared and give yourself a chance. You can enjoy your niche of fashion while directly participating in it. You are constantly engaged in the spirit of being a fashion guru or living amid all the gossip. If you are ready to meet these requirements and perks, you are ready to work as a fashion journalist!


Being a fashion journalist will keep you in touch with everything that revolves around fashion and have the ability to influence millions of people with your knowledge. Taking the unique step and following your passion for fashion journalism can be done right by choosing the right course!


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“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

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