‘SCRAMBLER 390’ by Ansh Chandak

Thesis Abstract:

I’ve always been passionate about bikes – how they work and move, but most importantly it’s been about riding them. This project is about turning a street bike into a scrambler and so I took one of the best lower capacity motorcycles, the Ktm Duke 390. I chose the bike because of its strong chassis and high performing engine which is essential for a scrambler.


bike servicing


This project is about turning a street bike into a scrambler. I had to tackle a few issues like increasing the fuel capacity, giving it spoke rims instead of alloys, good ergonomics and good ground clearance. A lot of hand made efforts has gone into this project, from making the tank to fenders, because it’s custom-made, not produced on a large scale. In view of which I’ve tried to use my modelling/CAD skills to make a few components on the bike for example the disc brake. Due to unavailability of resources and parts, I have faced a lot of challenges in sourcing them and had to change my design accordingly. The finished product is what I achieved within available resources and budget constraints.


bike servicing 2


Credit- Ansh Chandak

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