Thesis Abstract:

Our dependence on nature has reduced with time, despite its positive impact. This project explores, how a direct or indirect connection of natural elements with urban environment influences human behavior. Space is a setting which creates a mood for every individual. A workspace when manipulated with elements of light and shadow, creates a refuge setting which enhances concentration and productivity.

Objects that hamper our productivity surround us. This project is a step to increase the productivity of young working individuals by improving concentration, adding biophilic elements to their workspace. A workspace is very interactive, thus creating a refuge setting helps with concentration and productivity. Quadrant, creates this refugee experience through elements of light and shadow. The contrast developed by light and shadow visually divides the work desk, allowing to focus on the work to be done, by keeping the distractions in dark. The perception of a lit space surrounded by darker spaces enhances the feeling of being nested, secure and centered. Memories connect you to experiences you had in the past. Objects collected the past evoke memories in present. Leaves have unique venations, shapes, and colors, making them one such collectible object. Quadrant has an engraved leaf pattern, which associates to the memory from a trek in nature. When light interacts with the leaf venation pattern, a subtle foliage shadow is created, which fosters a calm and pleasant feeling. Quadrant is a minimal task lighting solution, which creates a refugee experience by controlling and focusing the lux. Being a battery powered lighting source it gives the user the flexibility to move it around the work desk. The task and ambient light complement each other, creating interesting workspace layouts.

Credit- Gauravi Chavan – Class of 2018

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