Thesis Abstract:

City Bull encourages the user to be fit, active and help in daily chores solving the hassles of storage, time and energy by providing convenient and easy user interaction. The aim of the project is to design a electric bicycle catering to the current youth, focusing on their daily requirements.



The journey was a learning experience as I closely got to interact with a lot of users, customers, dealers, vendors and manufacturers. It was challenging to solve the minute problems keeping the constraints and technicalities in mind but was really intriguing to come up with solutions. City Bull is a electric bike specifically designed for college students and is the first ever e-bike with a roof that protects you from rain and direct sunlight. It runs on a 250w motor in the rear hub giving you the confidence, comfort and thrill of climbing a steep inclined road comfortably. The ride is more fun when the user boosts its speed after the traffic signal turns green or does it just to enjoy an effortless evening ride. The design not only focuses on aesthetics but also the aerodynamics, safety and user interaction. Inspired by a bull, the design compliments the aggression catering to the urban market maintaining a balance between form, function and sustainability. In conclusion, City Bull is a contribution towards understanding and solving people’s everyday problems by analysing their professional and personal daily routines.



Credit-  Tausif Manjothi

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