‘FLAUNT IVY’ by Shivani Mehta

Thesis Abstract:

Building a brand value built around the idea of reducing the feeling of insecurity and judgment around women’s bodies during shopping. Creating a platform designed to further an aesthetic as well as intuitive experience, while fitting in quietly with the existing market.

Flaunt IvyFLAUNT IVY Flaunt Ivy is a brand furthering a feeling of acceptance for women, not only physically, but also for their behavior and social culture. In times of a rising uproar that has been reduced to a political agenda for some, and for the extremist’s even man-hating, the essence of the movement has been lost. While Flaunt Ivy’s mode of communication to its target audience is developed through a personality, a young teenaged girl drowned in pop cultural references, the Ivy Gal: the aim is to make the brand a place of relatability, and sometimes, harmless rebellion. It has been created to pick on some of the most popular topics, and turn them into something relevant to our current times. Despite the focus on the concept, when speaking of the actual product being marketed- Flaunt Ivy can be seen as a lifestyle brand, with products ranging from apparel to accessories, stationary, decor and a lot more miscellaneous items that are relevant to female audiences in the age group of 14 – 28 years.Lifestyle brand for girls

Credit- Shivani Mehta  – Class of 2018

Shivani Mehta

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