‘A STAPLE CHAIR’ by Tanay Kandpal

Thesis Abstract:

The capstone entails a research conducted to explore and describe considerations crucial for designing and developing a ubiquitous, cost specific, mass manufactured chair in India.

Chair designs“Good design is ubiquitous and forever.” – Massimo Vignelli The plastic moulded furniture industry has been growing rapidly in the Indian market and from a stage of infancy the field has risen to almost 70 million in volume. The popularity of plastic furniture has grown since it offers features unavailable in conventional wooden and metal furniture, such as easy maintenance, light weight and durability. A multi method research strategy as adopted included a qualitative research approach , case studies and model building. Data was collected from multiple sources such as online surveys , on ground market research and interviews. A systems driven data model served as an analytical tool in data analysis. The research characterises the design considerations for the chair as a continuous development influenced by multiple factors, each providing insightful opportunities. Following are excerpts from the study. “The approach will consider ‘scale’ as a critical design parameter. From production efficiency to storage systems and packaging design-decisions will consider the effect that this scale has on the stakeholders.” “The demographics of the potential user base shall be: adult, gender-neutral, multicultural, across economic strata, across rural-urban contexts.” The study, thus demonstrates the complex factors that can be investigated systematically. The research strategy, data analysis and models can guide further research and development.

Product designingCredits – Tanay Kandpal – Class of 2018

Tanay Kandpal

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