Bon Appetite by Priya Wadhwa

Thesis Statement:

Bon Appetite is all about understanding the problems in takeout food packaging and figuring out ways to improve this.

We all eat takeout food. We all relish it as well. Sometimes, there are cases like the delivery guy has eaten a little bit out of what we have ordered. It’s not safe nor appreciated. To avoid such situations, we need tamper proofing. Well, this is one of the issues that needs to be tackled.

Glass packaging
To understand more such problems, I was researching in the industry. Collecting first hand data on Food Packaging and its immediate users. This journey covers the daily activities of chefs, delivery boys and consumers and the problems they face while packing the takeout.

Plastic containersI got this opportunity from Bizongo. It’s an all packaging company that’s trying to bench mark their position in the market in food packaging sector. For the company I collected first-hand information by interviewing, data collection, analysing and identifying opportunity areas to work in.

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