Let it be…Let it be…

When I find myself in times of trouble…whisper words of wisdom…there will be an answer. Let it be!

Many have been moved by this Beatles’ song on their final studio album, released in 1970 on a deeply personal level and as humans collectively deal with this historical moment of anguish this song can bring some solace to us in our ‘hours of darkness hopefully.

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Activista Los Angeles; Extraordinary ideas for extraordinary times.

Music, art or creativity in any form brings a therapeutic solace in this time of self-isolation. What we need is a bit of humour and an atmosphere that amplifies social responsibility not by enforcing it but by speaking to people in a voice that’s more assuring and empathetic.

At ISDI, School Of Design and Innovation India, Mumbai we move on to an online platform even as the entire country is on lockdown. With students productivity at its creative peak here’s sharing ‘Smiti Murarka’ Year 3 -Communication Design students ideas on brands who find themselves in the non-essentials list but can still add value to their brand by making their presence felt through visually appealing messages to imbibe social distancing during this time of unprecedented events.


GAP is the latest retailer to announce a commitment to use its resources to create personal protective equipment like masks and scrubs for healthcare workers. Gap Foundation will be donating over $1 million to local, state, national and international non-profit organizations.

A small and mighty team in the company worked to connect their expansive global supply chain and longstanding suppliers with California hospital networks, including Sutter Health and Kaiser, to deliver millions of PPE — specifically masks and protective gowns and goggles.

Social Distancing can be viewed in a positive light if we look at the fact that some of us have the advantages of being in a safe environment to carry out our daily activities. The limited space and our employers get newfound respect as we realize that others who are emergency medical responders and nurses who have direct physical contact with the sick, as well as general practitioners (GPs), are all working on the frontline of the crisis, and yet are paid less than specialists and surgeons.

In India, urban housing dwellers can develop new perspective seen from the lense of ‘FabIndia’ which is a lifestyle brand that was founded by John Bissell in 1960. Over 50 years, FabIndia’ is embracing India’s rich heritage and tradition with its tagline “Celebrate India” which can now take a new stand… #stayhomeIndia and celebrate the honour of distance!

Fab India Living room decor

#stayhealthy #postivevibes #inthistogether

Since the coronavirus outbreak began in China late last year face masks have gone from something you see on your dental hygienist to a sold-out commodity in high demand. As the novel coronavirus spreads through the US, people have clamoured for now sold-out or up-charged masks of all types in an effort to protect themselves. In India too it has become a necessity as people move out of homes with much trepidation for what can be considered essential requirements.

How we design our life around these difficult times is a test for the entire human race. And what else but creativity in all aspects of our lives will indeed keep us ‘smiling through this challenging phase. Colgate-Palmolivewith its iconic logo can lighten the atmosphere with its commitment to bringing you safe, effective products, as well as programs to enrich communities around the world.

People wearing masks

At Colgate-Palmolive, our very purpose is to advance the health and wellness of people, their pets and our planet. Through this coronavirus pandemic, our incredible teams around the world are working hard to support those in need and help people continue their daily routines — to brush their teeth, wash their hands, care for their skin, clean their homes, bathe and shower, and feed their pets. We are more dedicated and determined than ever.

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts” Paramahansa Yogananda

In this hour of a monumental crisis which has touched almost every living human on this planet…we can with our creative endeavours design a new world order in which peace and harmony reign as we realize how fragile we are as a race. Let us hope the world will never be the same place but a better place and ‘there will be an answer…Let it be!

Disclaimer: All creatives are hypothetical classroom projects.
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