‘THE BEING – JOURNEY OF SELF’ by Vaibhavi Shah

Thesis Abstract:

The Young generation does not talk about Afterlife because it is so uncool for them. There has always been conjecture about afterlife all over the world and across all the religions which confuses people and then they tend to avoid such topics but I here am trying to explain with few logics and stories related to afterlife which makes us think about the reason of our existence and value of our lives.



What is the first thing that comes up in our head when we hear the word Afterlife? Is it eerie? Is it intriguing? Does thinking about it make a chill run down our spine? In our busy lives we often forget to even ponder about topics like these, specially the youngsters who find this absurd and too philosophical a topic to give a thought to. But isn’t it worth to give importance to an issue debated over thousands of years of our existence which might actually help us find answers to many unanswered questions in our lives which might give a new direction to our lives adding more meaning and a definite purpose to it.

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When I read the book Laws of the Spirit World, I interpreted the concept of life after death completely different as it stated that “there is no religion in the spirit world”. It had logics to each and every concept of death. It outlines the concept of Seven Realms very differently from all existing concepts. The first three realms are dark and bad (hell), fourth realm is where life begins (Earth) and the next three realms is bright and beautiful (heaven).

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Credit- Vaibhavi Shah

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