‘Samasan’ by Tanishtha Pai

Thesis Abstract:

Samasan is an interactive holistic center for animal lovers. This space has been imagined to teach children and adults the profound level of understanding and co-existing with animals through the means of telepathic communication. Providing a platform for people to learn this technique and apply it to either help lost or sick animals or have a conversation with their pets or animals around. To understand ourselves better and the relations we share it is essential to understand animals, as we have evolved from them and when we know them, will we truly know us.


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We live in a world where human beings are not the only species present on Earth. No matter how evolved or superior we think we are, we will only be a tiny speck of the diverse life on Earth. Animals are equally a part of this planet. They have a colossal role to play and we need to understand how to co-exist. With the growth of modern society and a world that is highly dependent on facts that are scientific, the bond between animals and humans is getting weaker. My thesis focuses on drawing attention to a language that has no words but is based on the connection between the two beings— telepathy. A language that can occur across miles, through walls and other barriers making it possible to have conversations with our fellow beings.


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Wouldn’t it be exciting to know that you could have conversations with your pet? Feel and connect with them as we would with either of our species? What they think about you and what they’re up to when you are not home? On the observation made for my thesis, I’ve studied what precisely telepathic communication is, how it can be used to converse with animals, the steps that involve this process and the emotions they feel. Hence my hypothesis aims at making people aware of this technique and connecting them closer to their roots. It also involves in understanding the other being as an equal who has similar issues and problems like us. My thesis solution is to create a center that provides this service to spread awareness and learn a whole new language.


Communication designing exampleCredit- Tanishtha Pai – Class of 2018

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