Thesis Abstract:

Lal Pari Mastani, a magical journey I stumbled upon, of believing in music in this world of chaos of grasping on to the layered creations with art, design and innovation. filling lines with words of power, I become me, in every hour completing me as a whole rhythmic patterns and visual tones I found myself an artist, so true to her soul. a year-long drive, to make things happen of creating magic in music of finding oneself, and what I choose to believe in.

Lal Pari Mastani is the launch of an alter ego, a project initiated by Sona Mohapatra – a feature length film, with music by Ram Sampath set in 9 musical collaborations with renowned artists. This is a live project, I have worked on the design and branding of the different songs as well as the performing artist which includes creating album arts for the different songs, motion posters, trailers, etc. Some of the work has been featured on platforms like Apple, Facebook, iTunes,, etc. We have tie-ups with RedFm, Google, Facebook, etc. This journey has helped me to expand my learning capabilities in terms of understanding how the industry works with the consumers & brands like Apple, Facebook, Google, etc – from the commercial aspects of launching collaterals to getting into the most intricate details that go into making a song and the launch possible.

Credit- Ragini Khandelwal – Class of 2018

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