Thesis Abstract:

Auras are nothing but good or bad vibes around each one of us. In spite of being aware of this unusually extraordinary concept not all of us seem to use it to its fullest potential. But give the same information to a child and just watch it blossom into something completely different altogether with just a bit of imagination. And what if this same concept, with a again little help of their imagination was used for their own good?

Auras – what are auras? Nothing but good or bad vibes that are emitted by your body. After reading up and playing around with this idea of good and bad vibes the question that occurred to me was who could utilise this information? That is when I thought of working with children. Children are able to sense these energies very well but they don’t always understand them. Hence, I decided using this topic to talk to them about bad touch and bad vibes. Sexual abuse in children has increased in India over 5 times in the past 10 years. Most child-sexual abuse cases are reported late because the victims themselves are unable to comprehend what had or was happening to him/her. In a world full with cases of rape on children as young as 6, it is extremely crucial to start the conversation about sexual abuse at the earliest. Bad touch being the lowest form of sexual abuse, I intend to introduce thisconcept of bad touch through the concept of bad vibes/auras to children, keeping it light and fun at the same time.

Credit- Sanika Kadam – Class of 2018

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