‘VOICES’ by Siddhi Mandora

“A man has a panic attack because of his inability to cope with society’s perception. What he should be and can be, are no more related to what he has become in the process. He battles with himself and what he feels like. He is overwhelmed and two voices take over and speak to the man — one which is rational and the other being the man in the state of the utter panic.”

Man’s manic desire to make or grow or do “something,” that now seems to be consuming everybody, while he has no idea what life is for, nor what is to be done with all this time aside from filling it with pursuits of survival.

A mass traumatic event experienced across the globe will leave many suicide related deaths and unanswered questions for years to come. As the world still battles with physical health and mental health as if one is reality and the other a fragment of imagination. This crisis will force us to face this dilemma…questioning the very fundamental understanding of human mind versus human spirit!

Credit: Siddhi Mandora

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