Thesis Abstract:

Censorship is heard of and witnessed in all kinds of forms. The intensity of this phenomenon is hardly known. Looking at the history of censorship and the events that have taken place worldwide is the main idea.


This common occurrence of one word has given it the power and a strong, bold character. It is a word that has given people a reason to speak up, create questions and has also awoken curiosity amongst others. A word that has become a movement making the people united and order discipline. It has also created practicality and given nations the sense of a moral order. But what is the essence of censorship? Why is there such an increase in a need for power and boldness of censorship? What makes it a prominent occurrence that people keep talking about and experiencing it? It is this idea of censorship that is prominent worldwide which is exactly what I have tried to decode through different mediums of research.



Credit- Sanjana Mehta

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