Thesis Abstract:

PAWSE is an animal care initiative that is designed to build awareness and understanding about the topic of animal sacrifice. From the controversial subject of animal sacrifice in religion, to the subject of sacrificing animals mercilessly for testing and as material for luxury items, one tries to understand the extent and intention behind the killing.

Beginning my research in the areas of religion, I noticed unquestioned norms and unverified stories that lead to extremely stubborn beliefs. While studying translations of various religious texts and scriptures, I failed to draw parallels between the written teachings to the beliefs of those who called themselves followers of the same faith. I also observed disparity of beliefs and customs of those from the same faith and thus all of this led me to my initial premise, that animal sacrifice in religion in this day and age is mostly based on a heap of unchallenged and misinterpreted lineage of thought. To further understand the problem, I carried out a survey aimed at hitting the cause of the misinterpretations. The survey not only focused on sacrifice of the animal in religion but also touched upon areas of animal testing for cosmetics, animal skin for luxury products, eating choices and more.



Credit- Manah Sanghavi

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