Thesis Abstract:

The concept of Happiness is the most elusive idea for us, as a species, to grasp. And yet, I believe, it is the one we spend contemplating and chasing, if not our entire lifetimes then at least the majority of it. And yet, if happiness is an universal emotion, experienced by peoples across age, gender, cultures, societies, religions, professions, and even, one would argue across the animal kingdom, why then is it so hard to find and to keep?

Communication design abstract


|| “Why are more people not happy?” Through my thesis project, I wished to research and understand the dynamics of this perpetual quest and in a humble manner, contribute to it too. To ask and find answers for questions that plague us all, What is Happiness, What makes people happy, What keeps people happy, Can simply, a will for happiness exist? Can Happiness be learnt? Is Happiness a state of being? Or is it a fleeting sensory gratification not meant to last? ||


Credit- Ishaana Vats

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