‘WOMAN UP’ by Trishala Jain

Thesis Abstract:

WOMANUP is an academic and visual guideline that aims at understanding the functionality and technique of self-defense as an art in areas of both physical as well as mental spheres. Mental stability is very important in order to achieve a proper mindset for executing a physical self-defense technique. Young girls across villages in India do not have the correct education and adequate resources for protecting themselves. These lost opportunities are majorly prone to trafficking. Hence, this project investigates visual guidelines for teachers of schools across villages to be able to identify, learn and teach the basic norms of mental and physical training to girls in an enjoyable and unconventional manner


Books and projects

A guideline is a general rule or principle constructed by individuals examining a particular area in depth. The nature of self-defense is a combination of physical as well as mental agility, which cannot be learnt through books. Books can only be informative to a point that caters to the urban masses. This method of communicating the message is highly subjective. Therefore, the idea is to design a visual guideline for schools across villages using basic shapes and colors as a media in the form of three stages. This can be achieved by inculpating various mind and strength games, for instance the game ‘Twister’ uses shapes and color combinations, similarly teaching different self- defense techniques using an interesting approach.

Communication design projectCredit- Trishala Jain – Class of 2018

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