The Untangled Story

Re-Think Your Waste… because we are all worth it!

Girls with long hair
Bff — Manaz Nariman and Aveera Juss — ISDI CD 2020

What can L ‘Oreal do on a daily basis that can critically impact the planet?

Climate change transforms the globe and its inhabitant population. Shampoo sachets cause volatile and unpredictable waste volumes. Businesses need to however find new solutions to ensure that consumer convenience is not compromised and with a growing emphasis on sustainability and Zero-Waste initiative is the need for innovation and creativity!

Presenting ‘L OREAL’ — Bff’ — a new age shampoo and Conditioner packaging sachets designed by ‘Riya Kamdar’ Communication Design ISDI Mumbai.

Made from ‘Polyolefin’ based barrier laminate. Also reinforced by adding ‘Addiflex’ which further reduces the waste Volume through complete biodegradation. It is the most effective additive on the market and also the only unique oxo-biodegradable technique on the market suitable for basically all plastic processes.

Loreal shampoo sachets

Riya Kamdar’s BFF’ Concept Packaging — ISDI 2020

To responsibly meet the needs of a steadily increasing population and conserve our planet’s natural resources, businesses must prioritize the sustainability aspect of all their brands.

For Gen Z, the term ‘BFF (Best Friends Forever) is a term used liberally. A campaign designed which not only focusses on the sustainability and longterm issues of climate change but also changing human perceptions in the coming decade. L’Oreal can take a lead in making this happen!

A more real’ a more connected world where people are friends irrespective of obvious differences.

Loreal shampoo banner ads

Riya Kamdar’s campaign for LOreal ‘ BFF — 2020

A touch of quirk’ as the models showcasing differently textured hair connect to each other in a seamless manner…implies maybe its time to look up from your smart devices and make real connections.

The Untangled Story

Picture Credits: 7shifts-ZHWInTDkuV8-Unsplash

The campaign is also suggested to run with celebrities who endorse L Oreal’ brands as well as the targetted young audience who can upload their best pics with their ‘BFF’s on Instagram round the year to make the winning entry for the ‘next Bff’ to be featured on the Packaging!

‘We are indeed all worth it!

Disclaimer: All creatives are hypothetical classroom projects.
All rights reserved ISDI. 2020

Creative Mentor: Prof. Utkarsha Malkar (Communication Design)

Technical Mentor: Prof. Deepak Singh (Product Design)

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