Thesis Statement:

Lost & Found aims to reassess the untapped potential discarded materials hold.

Lost & Found explores the possibility of using discarded materials from construction sites to develop products of value.

A large part of the interior waste is created from demolition and excessive materials labelled as ‘unusable’. Working with Ravi Vazirani at his interior design studio meant being exposed to construction sites and to the practices of various agencies involved.
The initial brief was to design furniture and small products adapting the existing design language of RVDS. The exercise was part of the larger goal of the studio to establish a manufacturing unit and create standardised products such as statement furniture, lighting, art pieces and home decor accessories. Working in the field was an opportunity to tap the potential of materials that contractors fail to acknowledge in order to escape the inconvenience of transportation and storage.

This thesis aims to bring environmental consciousness to product design practices. The intent is to reduce the amount of waste added to the landfills by creating sustainable but luxury lifestyle products. Three words we seldom hear together in design landscape of India



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