Osmosis Transitioning from outdoors to indoors by Parshvi Hemani

Thesis Statement:

This capstone is an attempt to design a semi-indoor, temporary space within
open public realms, which accommodates and connects people from various age groups, triggering process of social engagement. Design concept of “nudging” and suggestion for re- programming the current space are used for inducing this change.

Communication design project 2Open public spaces are an important asset to our cities. They provide people many opportunities to come together and engage with the community. If public spaces are successful they are inclusive of the diversity of groups present in our cities and create a social space for everyone in the society to participate in. However due to modern lifestyle and a much more individualistic approach to life there is an irruption of intimacy in our daily life with our immediate community and the city as a whole. This phenomenon has changed the nature of public space and has pushed people into searching interactive spaces within the private spheres.

Communication design project 3We are now facing the revival, appreciation and need of public space for a purpose physical activities, that however, appears profoundly changed when compared to the past where public realms were used for social engagement, connect with nature and recreation.

The aim of this capstone project is to proposed a semi-indoor public space that is not only hospitable and welcoming for all age groups; introduces a new vibrant culture into existing space. A space that could be a pause in the contemporary life style that allow individualism and community dimension to co-exist through design strategies and re-programming

Osmosis Transitioning from outdoors to indoors by Parshvi Hemani Communication Design 2019

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