Thesis Statement:

This project aims to create a healthy digital environment for individuals and communities that maintains the interaction and motivational aspects of the community by employing certain elements from the community lifestyle.

The rapid diffusion of the ‘Consciousness Revolution’ has changed the perception of people from all across the world. People are now practicing a conscious lifestyle that involves meditation, yoga, a healthy diet and positive thought patterns among other elements. Conscious communities are a group of individuals interested in adopting a conscious lifestyle and building a new environment for themselves. Gatherings often take place in a natural environment and group interactions and it’s takeaways help individuals to catalyse their process of adapting to this lifestyle.

However, many individuals live in the city and have a job they need to return to after a limited community-time. When these individuals return to their original surroundings with the same environment and it’s triggers; it may sometimes be difficult to keep up their practices and maintain the necessary thought patterns for conscious living.


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