Optimum Performance Aid by Ramya Satish

Thesis Statement:

An ecosystem of wearables created to identify the user’s Physical ability, Asthmatic ability and BMI to generate a risk-time curve by measuring the interaction of his cardiovascular and respiratory system, to help the user achieve their Optimum Performance Ability.

Product designing thesis

The project focuses on creating a solution for Asthmatics who are interested in long-endurance sports. Asthma is essentially an incurable disease that affects the airways and in a worse case scenario restricts air supply all together. It causes narrowness of the bronchioles. Patients who suffer from Asthma find it extremely hard to play sports that require large amounts of deep breathing. They tend to get breathless or have an asthma attack due to incorrect breathing methods and over-exertion, hence leading to either a deterioration in their performance in fear of an asthma attack or rendering them impotent. We wanted to tap into this issue.

Product design abstract

Our solution therefore, is an ecosystem of wearable devices that uses pace correction and breathing methods to help the user sustain for longer periods of time. This is done by creating an ‘Optimum Performance Curve’ that combines the patient’s Vital capacity and BPM(during exercise) into one curve that helps the user achieve their optimum performance capacity with a no-risk scenario.

The long term benefit of this idea would be improved lung function. And the immediate result is the users optimum performance ability.


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