Afflatus by Niharika Aggarwal

Thesis Statement:

My collection is a fashion story of my personal musings: a simple play
of light, shadow and feeling, based on the realisation that inspiration is an internal discovery of intimate, but often unexpressed thoughts.

Fashion ThesisIn search of the arts, we – as creative people- sometimes fail to hear and see what’s closest to us. I too, began my journey, by looking at the works of different artists for inspiration, but what I found missing, was that their inspiration could never be mine. Frustrated at my inability to find the inspiration I was so desperately seeking, I found myself left to myself. I saw my own ‘amateurish’ paintings, my photographs taken over a period of time on balmy evenings, when the setting sun, passes by your window, playing on your walls, on your skin, saying something that I could only respond to with silence. And while it gripped me, I tried to capture it too. I wrote poetry. All the words that came to me when I conversed with the light and shadows.

Fashion storyMy thesis aims to engage fiction and reality in a conversation.
It throws poetic light on the transient quality of fleeting moments. The mediator of the conversation is the muse who stands outside the bound of time and remains ever-fresh for inspiration. In this case, the muse is me. The six looks will be fashioned as visual metaphors to the mood. My thesis states that inspiration is an intimate thing. It’s not something that comes from an external search, but from an internal discovery. The ‘misheard sunsets’ outside were just a metaphor for all the beauty I had failed to see and hear within myself. My collection is a ‘fashion story’ of personal musings: a simple play of light, shadow and feelings.

Afflatus by Niharika Aggarwal 2019

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