What Are The Career Options In Fashion Designing?

With many fashion cultures mingling and making way for styles that range from casual to couture, the fantastic world of Fashion is getting bigger and better. As the industry is dynamic in nature, there is undoubtedly tremendous growth for Fashion Designers. Moreso in India, the budding Indian Fashion Designers take inspiration from the diverse cultures and traditions blooming around them, giving them an edge over others.

Before diving into the career options in Fashion Designing, it’s important to know that it’s no cakewalk as fashion demands passion and dedication. But, with a blend of creativity, originality, and aesthetic sensibilities, you could be a perfect fit for this glamorous industry. 

Now, Let’s Explore Your Career Options In Fashion Designing

The new-age careers of the Fashion Designing industry go beyond being a Fashion Designer. As compared to the traditional world of Fashion, today there are many more rewarding career options after doing Fashion Designing that you could opt for:

Fashion Designer:

We all know what a Fashion Designer does – observing the recent trends and setting new ones through their creative outlook. In a nutshell, they are creators and trendsetters who shape the fashion of the future. If you’re a creative person, love to think out-of-the-box and come up with ideas that make people go WOW, then you’re a perfect fit for this role. 

Fashion Illustrator:

A Fashion Illustrator is responsible for creating sketches based on the ideas of a Fashion Designer. The designer explains his/her vision to the Fashion Illustrator, making it easier for them to sketch it down. In short, an illustrator gives a more solid form to the ideas and creations of the Fashion Designer. 

Fashion Coordinator:

A Fashion Coordinator’s job isn’t related to designing a product but is to overlook the management and execution of the fashion events or to create plans for advertising products. Responsible for managing the arrangements and the marketing policies of a fashion designing house or company, this role has to do more with tactical skills rather than creative ones. 

Fashion Consultant:

One of the most interesting career options in Fashion Designing. A Fashion Consultant has the power to redefine, enhance or develop their client’s personal and professional image. They need to be aware of the trends and the transitions happening in the industry and also possess the necessary knowledge about Fashion Designing. 

Fashion Merchandiser:

A Fashion Merchandiser is the one who markets the designed products and manages the sales of a fashion house/agency. She/he must possess in-depth great knowledge of the design process and all the right ways of marketing the products.  

Fashion Stylist:

Creating a design is important; presenting it is equally important – this is where a Fashion Stylist comes to the rescue. The role is to maintain the makeup, dress code, hairstyle, etc. of the models taking part in a fashion show. In simple words, a Fashion Stylist makes their outfits look presentable and appealing. 

Now that you know there are plenty of career options after graduation in fashion designing, let’s know how ISDI – One of the best Fashion Designing colleges in Mumbai can light up your career in Fashion Designing.

Kick-start Your Fashion Designing Career With ISDI – School of Design & Innovation

ISDI brings you an exciting UG Program in Fashion Designing giving you an opportunity to learn, imagine, collaborate, create original designs and concepts directed towards innovation. We’ve also partnered with Parsons School of Design, New York – a world leader in art and design education to enable our students to be the design leaders of the future.

That’s not all, we make sure our students have numerous options to choose their career paths in Fashion Design courses. They could opt for roles such as fashion designers, creative directors, costume designers, accessory designers, material researchers, embroidery and surface designers, fashion illustrators, and many more.

Eligibility Criteria:

At the time of application, the upper age limit should be 21 years. Candidates who are currently in 12th grade and will be appearing for a 10 + 2 examination (eg. IGCSE – A levels, CBSE, HSC, IBDP, ISC etc.), or its educational equivalent in any other discipline (eg. Science, Commerce or Arts) are eligible to apply at ISDI.

Duration of Course:

The Fashion Design course duration at ISDI is a 4-year undergraduate program that will prepare you for a successful career in this glamorous industry. Our program guides students to study the nuances of fashion design and the different aspects that constitute its system to enable a more comprehensive, responsible, and critically creative approach to fashion design.

Application Fee: 

First, you need to fill the online application, then you will receive an email on your registered email ID which will direct you to the application fee payment gateway. Our application fee is INR 3500 which is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

If you wish to pursue Fashion Designing in Mumbai and have a burning desire for it, then ISDI can be the right home for you!

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