Thesis Statement:

Reclaim your individuality by fashioning yourself in styles that embolden you to lead, rather than follow. My thesis is a collection of street wear that is not just about expression; it’s also about confidence. It’s about being comfortable with who you are, where you are.

Reclaim your individuality by fashioning yourself in styles that embolden you to lead, rather than follow.We live in an overwhelming reality. Direct perception has been disabled and everything seems to require a medium
by which we can experience, understand and navigate life. The result is that we’re increasingly plagued by self-doubt.

While dressing up is seen as a form of individual expression, that too, has become a specialised, curated experience, requiring the intervention of an expert. Take street style: it used to be fashion at its democratic best. Today, bloggers and celebrities have claimed their authority over that space.

Our individuality is forever being hijacked and we’re losing our hold over it. No coincidence that the youth today are hooked on to video games. Their virtual world is their only escape. They identify with the characters and find in them a surrogate sense of self.

My collection will tell a story of individuality. Each look will make a powerful style statement that is fashioned to leave its mark. The pieces are designed to embolden the wearer to fashion her own look in a bold, unapologetic way.

Iki-gai (The reason for being) by Shivangi Agarwal 2019

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