MANUAL by Aayushi Shah

Thesis Statement:

Manual is a detailed study of the insecurities that men aged from 18-25 years old go through. It has been made to help men understand that they are not alone and many go through the same. They do not have to do all the things to fit in the society mold created for them.

Manual tells us about all the insecurities that men go through, related to body image, grooming and physical appearance. Men usually don’t speak up and try to fit into the society mold wherein they are told do be phys-ically powerful, groom themselves, look macho and are mocked upon, if they do not meet the expectations. They rarely speak about themselves or their insecurities in front of others or to others. A research shows that 80.7% of men are insecure about their body Image.


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So I decided to create a few interactive advertisements, a manual that includes voices of men, about all their problems, positive aspects of however their body Image might be, and a separate feed for men on Social media, giving them a sort of comfort that they are not alone and they can do whatever they want, the society mold is just a pencil outline, where you don’t need to fit in forcefully. Physical appearance is just an addition, not the entire sum, it does not define the real you.

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By Aayushi Shah

Communication Design

Batch of 2019

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