‘RETRO’ by Zainab Motiwala

Thesis Abstract:

The ethos of Freedom Tree Mumbai comprises of fresh, light and casual Indian homes. They specialize in mid-century Scandinavian inspired home decor which is famous for its timeless design, simple natural forms, minimum use of materials, emphasis on functionality, local craftsmanship and affordability. This project explores products such as chairs and lamps as a starting point for a new design direction

Freedom tree product designThe aim of the project is to inter-weave the graphic and furniture design disciplines of Freedom Tree to create a new design direction and range of home products. The Tey dining chair encompasses elements of traditional mid-century furniture and contempory forms. The frame of the chair has accents of sculpted forms made in teak wood, the seat is created using traditional cane weaving techniques. The woven chair incoporates elements of the mid- century Mexican Acapulco chair by using sustainable materials and local craftsmanship. The simple yet strong cotton rope weave, curved rattan structure and recyclable mild steel legs makes the chair sustainable and ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use. The chair is available with and without hand rest. The woven lamps are a fresh take on existing Freedom Tree patterns. The patterns chosen have similar characteristics of hand drawn, repetitive, seamless, interlocking forms.

Product Design ExamplesCredit – Zainab Motiwala – Class of 2018

Zainab Motiwala

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