Horizon by Affan Umar Thakur

Thesis Statement:

Designing a tea maker that provides home-brewed quality tea to the dynamic and fast paced working class of today.

Understanding the small but important things in people’s lives and how they impact them as human beings. One such thing is tea which is part of an average Indian’s daily life. Commonly known as Chai in India, tea is one of the important driving forces for the working class.
This project focuses on the user’s habits, preferences, motivations and aspirations to better understand his daily life, which is usually starts with a good cup of tea in the morning.

Tea producing processThis project aims to provide the user with an opportunity to choose the raw materials of his preference to brew his desired cup of tea. With the help of an electronic appliance, this process is designed to be as less interactive as possible.

Tea maker Additionally, the appliance eliminates the element of supervision, which is usually a must during the traditional preparation of tea. This project seeks to employ several different types of tea preparation method through different permutations and combinations. The idea is to give the user the freedom to choose and acquire his favourite cup of tea without putting in a lot of time and effort in the whole process of brewing and cleaning.

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