‘SKADLAT’ by Angshuman Das

Thesis Abstract:

Designing an open workspace for Indian offices to improve productivity and increase efficiency. Aesthetically minimal, it has customizable modules, which provide a personalized experience despite varied usage and help organize the workspace. Also solves daily problems of wire management, bag placement, stationary organization etc.

An organized and productive workspace is requisite to the efficiency of an office, as the deadlines and workload of employees requires them to multitask and work with others. Skadlat is a modular open workspace, with custom modules which provide a personalized experience despite varied usage. Skadlat includes modules for

  • Wire management
  • Pen storage
  • Sheet storage
  • Lighting
  • Organizing personal accessories (wallet, phone, keys, headphones)
  • Bag holder
  • White boards

The desk is designed to look minimal despite providing high functionality in terms of organization and customization.

Skadlat Credit – Angshuman Das – Class of 2018

Angshuman Das

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