#tbthursday by Sharanya Kanwar

Thesis Abstract:

Human memory is a very fundamental component of everyone’s daily life, thus it is one of the most fascinating and interesting topics to study. Our entire life, our personality, and the way we behave and our actions are all a result of interactions we have had in the past. This is because our individual l identity is socially created and the memories of those social interactions are what help us define ourselves.

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One of the most powerful memories that play a significant role in defining ourselves is our childhood memory. A development of a child is how self is created. All these developments, learnings and experiences are a part of our memory. For my final thesis project, I am targeting people born in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The great “90’s kids” are the last generation who were the first to play video games, learned to play on the streets, and the last to record songs off the radio on cassettes. They travelled in cars without seat belts or air bags, lived without cell phones, flat screens and social media. They were the last decade, which had an old charm to it. I want to bring back those memories for this great generation. I want to bring back moments, environments and objects from their childhood and just let them be a child again.

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Credit- Sharanya Kanwar

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