‘BUY ME TIME’ by Anirudh Yanambaka

Sanju Yadav and her husband, Rajan, and their two children — Nitin and Nandini — arrived in India’s financial capital Mumbai a decade ago with their meagre belongings. Hoping for a brighter future they have managed to survive so far…however, the lockdown changes their destiny as nature might require of them more than they are ready to give.

Joseph, a journalist through his lens follows a story in the times of crisis as the migrant’s journey back to their hometowns with shattered dreams leaving them gasping as they are ejected from the familiar flow of time.


A comprehensive survey, covering 25,371 respondents in rural India including households with 963 found that 22.5% or about one in four migrants interviewed said they undertook the journey on foot, while another 6.9% percent partly walked and used vehicular transport.

About 2.6% said they cycled back to their villages.

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Credit: Anirudh Yanambaka

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