“Sound of rain splattering down onto planet earth. The sound reminded me of my fingertips hitting the keys of the piano. The petrichor wafting into my window made for a glorious morning. Taking a deep breath in I felt one with mother earth.

As I sat there enchanted, watching the trees and grass swaying. I was in a different realm. The strong breeze carrying the rain and caressing the grass was swaying to natures philharmonicA sign of hope and freedom as there is nothing more that inspires freedom than nature itself. I found myself surrendering to nature, moving with it, celebrating it… for I was eager to feel connected and free in solitude”.

Creativity is our coping mechanism — our little raft on the perilous sea of time. Gazing at the streets with no one in sight to speak to…yet reaching out to all of humanity across all of time.

Credit: Anoushka Golani

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