‘ANUKAYA’ by Vaidehi Tikekar

Thesis Abstract:

Who are you as an individual? A different human being, having your own body, your own identity, your soul. What makes you, YOU? But ask these questions to a dancer or a theatre artist. Will you really get a definite answer? One has to look deeper, for the surface can be slippery, it might be stained or it can be deceptive.


On the basis of my research done for the thesis, I have studied how human behavior is directly and indirectly affected by the thoughts in your subconscious mind in terms of psychology. I also looked into the concept of hypnosis as a part of the same research which led me to my hypothesis. It explores the presence of hypnosis experienced by the artists in the field of Performing Arts – specifically Theatre and Dance. It studies the process of hypnosis before, during and after their performance by identifying various triggers in all 3 stages which enhances the entire process. It focuses on how the different roles played by the artists repeatedly, affect them as individuals hence having an indirect effect on their original identity as a result of the process of character development and character transition. ‘You are what you think’ and you think with your subconscious mind. It interprets and acts upon the predominating thoughts that reside within your conscious mind, and aims to attract circumstances and situations that match the images you have within, ultimately affecting your behavior. The film is a brief rendition of an artist’s struggle in balancing his identity on stage and in his personal life. It gives you a glimpse of how the smallest of thoughts become the biggest of triggers hence affecting the performer’s individuality. The short film aims at enabling the viewer to identify the fine line between character transition and individual transition. It does not provide with a solution for the target audience but puts forward a question and allows them to introspect about the same.


Credit – Vaidehi Tikekar – Class of 2018

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