Thesis Abstract:

Insight Out is a take on the word Innovation. Getting ideas out of your head and into the world – communicating as well as collaborating with people from different backgrounds and skill sets. I have tried emphasizing on the concept of how to achieve innovative outcomes from a simple imagination and design process.


The concept of innovation needs to constantly modify itself, depending upon the time and situation one requires it for. The need for design to foster innovation is seen in every field, whether it is business, science or education. Moving away from the traditional methods of carrying out business is what would eventually lead to innovation. Although innovation is said to be intuitive, I believe that even initiation is subconsciously backed up by a methodology. The field of branding could be understood and explained by the use of design innovation. I kept in mind the sole purpose of innovation – doing more with less. I designed a set of icons, explaining the concept of branding and innovation. Not only is the design innovative but the message it relays enables one to be innovative in branding and business agencies. It is a way to educate people on how to be innovative – using simple shapes, lines and daily objects.


Credit- Jaini Shah

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