A Memento for the Future by Smrity Bhasin

Thesis Statement:

A compilation of garment details characteristic of European costumes from the 16th-19th century. My interest lies in Costume design, detailed craftsmanship and their seminal value for fashion.

Dress sleeves“A memento for the future”is dedicated to all the seamstresses centuries ago that inspired and fulfilled my desire to create an ode and connection to the past. My love for costume started with European costumes, my eyes glow at the sight of a voluminous sleeve, a ruffled collar, cartridge-pleated goodness. To experience their intricacy physically is what drove me to recreate and document them.

European Style GarmentsI feel relentlessly attached to the past and what once existed, a phobia brews within me to preserve what is being forgotten. Hence, I created this memento. The thesis is a study of selected women’s wear details from the 16-19th century.

I attempted to make it as historically accurate as I could, however I had to make minor changes in their construction if certain instructions weren’t stated or the magnitude of handwork couldn’t be achieved.

A Memento for the Future by Smrity Bhasin 2019

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