‘Dance and Spaces- An Immersive Escape’ by Zara Eisa

Thesis Abstract:

This project creates an experiential space within a gallery using inspiration and understanding of the dynamic nature of dance and choreography, by blurring out the intangible lines between the audience and the performer.

dance and spacesDance is not only a form of recreation, but also a form of escape, therapy, euphoria, meditation and it gives you the liberty to truly be yourself. All these unique qualities often get lost in translation and the audience gets to experience a few moments of visual and auditory stimulation combined with a set of emotions that are evoked while they watch a performance. By welding the worlds of interior design and dance together this capstone tries to bring these experiences to the masses so that they not only look at this art form through a new light but also truly understand everything it has to offer. Dancers have the ability to tell people a story through movement or stillness in their bodies and an interior designer can tell people a story through the space they create. The end product of both is for the audience to experience these processes visually and physically. Both the artists want to portray a concept or an idea and evoke some sort of emotional response in the viewer. Dance & Spaces is an effort to merge the audience with the performers and gives a whole new perspective to the way they view dance. It allows them to engage with their bodies in ways that dancers usually do. This will also allow them to be immersed in the euphoria of performing and help them escape from the outside world for that duration of time. It brings the essence of dance to the masses and it sheds a new light on this art form as it delves into layers other than movement i.e. the physiological changes, senses, state of mind and emotional changes. The final exploration is produced in the form of an experiential exhibition space which aims at taking the audience through the euphoria of a performers mind when they perform.

design example

Credit- Zara Eisa – Class of 2018

Zara Eisa

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