Here Are Some Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Designing a room is a creative process that takes some talent and a lot of time to master. Many are attracted to the idea of learning how to be an interior designer. But, it’s quite easy to make interior design mistakes that ruin the entire effect. It doesn’t have to be a big mishap – even a small detail that’s poorly thought-out can spoil the whole picture. Here are some of the worst interior design mistakes one can make.

6 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

1. Poor Lighting

One of the most common interior design mistakes that people make is not creating the right kind of lighting. Poor lighting can make a room look gloomy and small. Without proper lighting, none of the other design elements will be noticeable. Too much light or the wrong kind of lighting has negative effects.

Harsher lights can exaggerate or overly highlight the décor in the room and create an unpleasant effect. There has to be a subtle balance between the two. Some lights give a gradation in the amount of light they emit, allowing the designer to change the intensity of the light according to the situation.

Another mistake is not experimenting with different types of lights. Many people only use overhead lighting but that can result in a room looking like a hospital. Ideally, there should be different layers, sets, and shapes of lighting devices that control the intensity of light needed in every situation.

There are also recessed lights, floor lamps, wall lamps, and more. Accent lights should be used to highlight paintings and photographs on the wall. Task lights are best in the study and the kitchen.

2. Furniture That’s the Incorrect Size

A common living room design mistake is having the wrong size of furniture in place. While it’s easy to rush and purchase the prettiest piece of furniture one sees, this could spell disaster. One must carefully measure and note down all the important measurements required of each piece. Then decide where everything will be kept in the room. It’s crucial to keep scale and proportion in mind. After that, one can go and purchase the tables, chairs, etc. accordingly. There must be a good balance of large and small furniture.

Along with furniture, the designer must be careful about the rug they’re getting. This should also be measured before purchase. It’s easy to get a rug that’s the wrong size. But if it’s too big, it’ll consume the whole room and if it’s too small, it won’t make an impact.

3. Too Many Decorations

A major interior design mistake is to avoid creating unsightly clutter by having too many decorations. Sometimes, less is more. This is especially true for those who prefer more modern and contemporary aesthetics that lean towards minimalism. Just keep a few tasteful pieces that tie up the room. Interior designers also focus on ensuring the decorations don’t clash with each other. They must be harmonious and complementary.

It’s important to put thought into the decoration, which is mostly art and accessories. They make a home look more comforting and inviting. A good painting is reflective of the home owner’s taste and personality. Also, hanging a few pieces can add character to the walls of a room.

One thing to keep in mind is that the paintings should be hung properly. Scale them, measure them, and then hang them on the wall. Also, a color scheme must be kept in mind when choosing paintings and decorations.

4. Pay Attention to the Final Touches

No matter what, the details make an entire look perfect. The interior designer has to pay attention to the final touches. This includes soft furnishings, frames, indoor plants, vases, artwork, accessories, cushions, and whatever completes the design. Avoid buying anything that clashes with the overall décor. Another point to keep in mind is that just because something is trendy, doesn’t mean it’ll look good in a home. It’s not recommended to blindly follow the trends.

5. Pure White Walls

Although stark white walls are considered a classic, it’s also a home design mistake to avoid. Bright white interiors can look clinical and cold. They may create an unpleasant effect. What could be better is to go with an off-white.

This has many shades and tones to choose from. Some are warm and have a red or yellow undertone that makes them look more like light peach or cream. While others have blue or purple undertones that create a grey finish. Using off-white can create warmth, depth, and atmosphere in a room.

6. Not Planning for Smaller Spaces

Whether it’s in the bedroom, the kitchen, or whichever room, another design mistake is forgetting to plan out what needs to be done to the smaller spaces. Many people think that designing a small space is easy, and neglect to carefully think and strategize what to do with it. But without a plan, one may make regrettable decisions.

Experienced interior designers put as much thought into the smaller spaces as they do into the larger areas. If designed well, the smaller area can look larger, elegant, and attractive. This can be achieved by creating designated places for each piece of furniture, lighting, accessories, etc.

These are just a few of the many interior design mistakes commonly made by most of people. To truly avoid making such mistakes, one can study this as a subject. Not only does that equip you to decorate your own home beautifully, but it will also prepare you for an illustrious career as an interior designer.

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