Thesis Abstract:

A day dream like state; you shut your eyes you see something changing at each step…but retrieving some elements of the antecedent.



Daydreaming is a short-term detachment from one’s immediate surroundings, during which a person’s contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake. The micro trend relevant to my theme and mood is the idea of escapism. Because of the growing unrest in our current lives and the world, escapism becomes one of the best coping mechanisms. My inspiration is based on popular theories about how one’s dressing sense can change their attitude or perception, and how fashion eases a person to feel good about themselves. It’s an industry that thrives on desire, aspiration and want. The want is always highest for something that is scarce, and in our times what is scarce is a certain softness and tenderness. The day dream is an idea to quickly and briefly escape from our reality, into something that leaves a soft impression. The colors of the organza too, helps create a sense of iridescence, the blurred line between the dream and reality



Credit- Riya Ranka

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