Did you know that fashion goes above and beyond designing? Do you find yourself wanting to work in journalism, PR, or marketing communications while being in touch with fashion?


The term you are looking for here is fashion communication! Fashion is a field wherein you work with potential collaborative ideas to enhance fashion design.


Wondering what exactly fashion communication is? Let’s find out!


What is fashion communication?


If we were to go with giving you a one-line definition of fashion communication, it would be described as a domain working with the communication of fashion and lifestyle. Doesn’t make sense, right? That’s why let’s get to an elaborate one cause it’s a field too broad to fit in just a line.

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Fashion communication meaning can be understood as the backbone of the fashion industry. The fashion communication field focuses on marketing the business through advertising, styling, press release, and visual and verbal communication.


Fashion communication can be understood as a series of events that will convince people to purchase fashion products or services.


Why choose fashion communication as a career?


Have you ever wondered how so many fashion brands can become successful year on year? It’s because of how well they are put in front of their potential customers.


Fashion communication primarily focuses on communication skills required in the Fashion and lifestyle industry. Specialists in this field work through various mediums like print, digital, promotional events, etc.


The reason why fashion communication experts are important is that:


  • They plan tactical strategies for new product launches.
  • They amplify the brand’s message and purpose.
  • They increase the brand’s awareness and reach.


The course outline of fashion communication generally includes graphic design, fashion styling, public relations, journalism, fashion photography, advertising, event management, etc.


Working in the field you’ll realize that you will be influencing how people view the world around them. You’ll be adding to their perceptions based on how you present yourself and communicate with others.

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Fashion communication salary can range from Rs. 1.4 lakh to Rs. 18 lakhs. Your vocation might include:


  1. Fashion stylist – Fashion stylists provide fashion advice and coordinate outfits for photo shoots and television or movies.
  2. Fashion journalist – A fashion journalist usually focuses on trends and events. They know fashion history and work for a publication either full-time or freelance.
  3. Visual merchandiser – They enable displaying of goods in stores and shop windows, where consumers might see the product and buy it immediately.
  4. Fashion photography – Fashion photographers are responsible for displaying the photography of clothes and other fashion items. You can easily work for advertisements or fashion magazines.
  5. Fashion blogger – There are over 1.92 billion websites, out of which 570 million blogs are active. If you like blogging – photo blogs, or written blogs, you should consider starting your blog.
  6. Fashion critic – As a fashion critic, you’ll be reviewing current fashion designs and trends. You’ll be responsible for highly evaluating a fashion event or shows or product catalogs, giving direction to consumers.
  7. Fashion marketer – As part of fashion marketing, you’ll be required to plan campaigns and manage social media accounts to promote clothing items and their accessories.


You would have seen many of these Fashion communication jobs working while not knowing their proper term. This field is very vast in terms of digital skills, practical knowledge application, research, and content creation and presentation.


According to the Common Thread Collective, the fashion industry is worth $759.5 billion when we look at the e-commerce market. It’s predicted to reach over $1.002 trillion by 2025. There’s no doubt that it is because of the workings of fashion communication, based on how products are styled and marketed.


Are you wondering how to get a start in this field? Which course should you take up? Well, we have something that might help!


What are some fashion communication colleges in India?


Now you have a basic idea about how you can be into fashion and communication simultaneously. Fashion communication is increasingly in demand to advertise and promote goods to consumers.


While some of them are specific to fashion communication degree, most of them provide Bachelor in Design, focusing on various fields under fashion communication like:


  • Fashion Thinking
  • Fashion Design
  • Technical Design
  • Fashion Styling
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Research
  • Fashion Journalism


Working in fashion is beyond a job experience, it’s a lifestyle. You work in different fields and interact with people from all walks of life, enriching your knowledge and expertise.


Now you would be wondering: which colleges should I apply to for a degree in fashion communication? Worry not, we got you! ISDI is one of the best fashion communication colleges in India.

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How can ISDI help:

If you’re even slightly keen to make fashion your lifestyle we are here to provide you with the guidance you need, to make your dreams come true.


ISDI offers various design programs such as Fashion Design, Fashion Communication and Styling, Interior Design and Strategic Design, Communication Design, Strategic Design Management, and Product Design. Pursuing one of the degree programs, that is, Bachelors in Design (BDes) – 4-year program or Postgraduate In Design (PGDI) – 11 months program. Either of the programs is an alternative to a career in fashion and design.


The ISDI campus is located in the business district of Mumbai, the commercial center of India. ISDI consists of a curriculum that is based on that of the Parsons School of Design, experienced and industry-leading faculty, and practical project-based training, all situated on a state-of-the-art campus. ISDI is just the right place for someone looking to start a career in design.

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