How often do you wonder about what to do in your life? Are you guilty of taking personality quizzes, and aptitude tests to help choose suitable career options? If yes, we’re going to help answer which career is best after the 12th.


Been there, done that! We have also intensely googled “careers after 12th.”  Worry not! We are here to help you decide whether the creative field is up to your league or not. You need to choose a career option that aligns with your interests. 


We have accumulated a list of creative courses after the 12th, that will open a wide range of creative career options for you. Let’s see what the creative field has to offer for curious minds! 

What is a creative field?


The creative industry primarily works with original ideas. It focuses on artwork or media, to utilize one’s intellectual properties. Watching advertisements, animation, performing arts, fashion, film, etc. are all a significant part of the creative field. 


You can take up creative courses in any field, be it science, commerce, or humanities. But, especially in the commerce field, you’ll find some of the most creative and high-paying jobs. 


Commerce prepares you to have knowledge about markets and consumers, which can help you to become a salaried employee or start your own business. 


However, each stream has its creative segments that are very interesting to check out! Here, we are bringing to you creative courses after 12th commerce!


Creative fields to pursue after 12th


As famously said by Diane von Furstenberg, “Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.” How you use your ideas and personality, ends up being your style. You need to find your style, to present yourself confidently to the world. 


Here’s a list of design courses after the 12th.


  1. Fashion Designing


Are you fascinated by fashion trends and love to curate new styles and designs? If you aggressively nodded your head, then fashion designing is a suitable field for you. 


As a fashion designer, you will create designs for clothes, accessories, and shoes. You will be responsible for creating a prototype before the production starts and marketing your product line to potential retailers. 


You can either customize your design for high-end clientele, or creative designs for mass production. 


  1. Product designing


A career in designing after 12th isn’t only limited to fashion designing. You can also consider taking up a product designing course. Here, you’ll be overseeing the design process of a product from start to end. 




Apart from designing brand new products, you might have to also focus on improving existing designs, to make them better. You can handle any product you like. For example, creating sustainable bottles or pens.


This field will require you to have not only designing dexterities, but also analytical thinking skills. You will need to solve complex consumer issues, and design products that will suit them the most.


  1. Marketing and Advertising

Strategy board

This is honestly one of the most popular and sought-after career options. You can understand marketing as a real-life version of a board game, but it’s a much more advanced edition. 




You will have to design strategies, plan your next move, and keep an eye on your competitors! You’ll have to understand customer needs and also design plans to promote products that target the needs of the consumer.


If you are a design enthusiast, you can also further your career in advertising design where you will create advertising campaigns. An advertising campaign is the course of action you’ll take to promote a product. 


  1. Web Development


Are you passionate about backend languages like HTML, CSS, or JS? If you are interested in programming, then you will find yourself drawn to web development!




As a web developer, you’ll be required to create and maintain websites. While you are at it, you might also be required to create designs and content for the site. 


As a design enthusiast, you’ll have to keep up with trends and customer needs. You’ll need to have knowledge about UX as well as UI designs!


  1. Animation

In a digitalized world, animation design has become very common to see. But pause and question yourself here, are you fascinated and curious about how special effects are created? 


Animation design essentially focuses on the art of creating special effects and designing for various media like video games, movies, social media posts, etc. You’ll be using your computer graphics and fine art skills to aid a company’s production process.




You will work on two and three-dimensional models, computer-generated images, and moving pictures. As an animation designer, you’ll collaborate with directors and game designers to create suitable content for people. 


  1. Theater


A field reserved for artsy kids, the theater is one of the most diverse fields out there. It isn’t limited to only acting, directing, or prop-making. 


The theater has many subfields, including stage management, screenwriting, costume designing, backstage management, lights, sound management, etc. A beautiful play comes to life only when all of these intersect. 




Through your theater skills, you can choose to work at an established production house, and you can also create your play, or set design, the possibilities could be endless to choose from once you’ve decided on your path.


You don’t have to limit yourself to the confines of mainstream professions; you can always explore more based on your interests. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other creative fields that you can explore like: 


  • photography
  • filmmaking
  • writing, 
  • interior designing
  • journalism, etc. 


There are a lot of creative fields you can pursue after the 12th! Keep your options open and be ready to find your true passion. 


How can ISDI help: 


As a creative person, we expect that you run your imagination wild. And we specialize in giving a direction to that wild imagination of yours. 


ISDI offers various design programs such as Strategic Design Management, Fashion Design, Fashion Communication and Styling, Interior Design and Strategic Design, Communication Design, Product Design, and Management. Pursuing one of the degree programs, that is, Bachelors in Design (BDes) – 4-year program or Postgraduate In Design (PGDI) – 11 months program. Either of the programs is an alternative to a career in fashion and design. 


The ISDI campus is located in the business district of Mumbai, the commercial center of India. ISDI consists of a curriculum that is based on that of the Parsons School of Design, experienced and industry-leading faculty, and practical project-based training, all situated on a state-of-the-art campus. ISDI is just the right place for someone looking to start a career in design. 

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