Top 5 Interior Designing Blogs to Take Inspiration From

If you are planning on revamping your home or office interiors, then you need to find reliable  sources of inspiration and guidance from the top home decor influencers in India. Popular interior design blogs on the web are often regarded as the best sources of fresh and innovative ideas for decoration.


Before starting a project, you must gather as much inspiration as you can from the various online publications and best interior design blogs, and vlogs that are solely dedicated to interior design, and cherry on the top if it’s particularly from top interior designers


There are plenty of places to find inspiration for your home or office from movies to television shows. In this article, we talk about the best interior design blogs that are great to begin! Fortunately, one of the best things about inspiration is that it allows you to create something better. Designing an interior space is like creating an art piece that represents your personality. It requires a lot of planning and creativity to create a beautiful and unique design.


We have curated the best home decor bloggers in India and abroad to take inspiration from to help you get inspired. From the latest trends to the most beautiful designs, these individual interior designers have the knowledge and experience to help you make the most of your home.


  1. Bhavna Bhatnagar – An Indian Summer 

Bhavna Bhatnagar’s blog

If you are looking for inspiration for home decor, then check out An Indian Summer interior Design blog by Bhavna Bhatnagar. Her vibrant design and attractive visuals make her one of the best interior designers in India.


Her blog is full of ideas that are suitable for every budget. While it is about celebrating summer, it also encourages you to look for new ways to decorate your home. Her minimalist designs are ideal for creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful. She also shares interior décor ideas that are inspired by random images from around the world. She uses vibrant colours and patterns to create spaces that are both sophisticated and stylish.


  1. Rukmini Roy – Trumatter 

Rukmini Roy’s blog

One of the most popular home decor influencers in India is Rukmini Roy, who combines traditional furniture with a modern interior design. She also shares her beach house living tips on Trumatter.


Trumatter has a beautiful layout and design that will allow you to create a fantasy world of your own with its wide range of home décor photos. You will also find Indian interior design ideas that will turn your apartment into a country farmhouse.


Trumatter has quickly caught up to India’s most popular decor blog. Her designs are very affordable for people who live in rental houses. It features various ideas and techniques that will make your home more comfortable and informal.


From simple tricks to adding wallpaper, to using postcards as inspiration, Trumatter has something for everyone. From the latest trends in home design to inspiration from around the world, Trumatter is where you will find it all.


  1. Sudha Seenivasan – aegam

Sudha Seenivasan’s linkedin profile

She is a certified interior designer who specializes in working with clients who are looking for unique and modern interior designs. Her work can be categorized into traditional, contemporary, and modern styles.


Her extensive skills in the fields of photography, art, and travel make her a go-to home decor blogger. Aside from being an interior designer, she also owns an interior design company in Chennai. It allows her to offer her clients a variety of design trends from around the world!


Her interior design blog aims to introduce you to the latest design trends that are bound to appeal to different types of people. With aegam, Sudha tries to combine her knowledge about design with her personal style to create a unique and varied look for modern interiors.


  1.  Rohira Khira – AA Living

Rohira Khira’s blog

One of India’s most popular home decor bloggers is Rohira Khira. She writes about her passion for style and home improvement in her blog AA Living.


Located in Mumbai, Khira is the head designer and owner of AA Living. This blog is a great resource for budget-conscious individuals who are looking to improve the look and feel of their homes. It provides simple yet effective tips on how to create beautiful and functional home interiors.


In 2016, Khira was named the Instagrammer of the Year for her work on AA Living. She was also a part of the Asian Paints Indian Decor Influencer Awards.


  1. Esha Gupta – Design Pataki

Esha Gupta’s blog

Esha Gupta is an interior designer and founder of Design Pataki, a studio based out of Mumbai. With a strong presence in international design shows, she aims to spread the knowledge and creativity of interior design through her blogs.


Her interior design blogs showcase her signature style which is bold and vibrant, and she uses various materials and techniques to create beautiful and unique designs. If you are looking for a modern and fashionable interior design, then Esha Gupta has the ideal solution for you.


Her passion and expertise in the field of architecture and interior design have made her a sought-after designer. She aims to spread knowledge about her designs through her home decor blogs. Her signature style is characterized by vibrant colours and fabrics, and she uses these to create beautiful and unique interior designs.


Final Verdict 

Unfortunately, most of us can’t seem to achieve our dreams of designing our own homes. This can be due to various factors such as time constraints, budget constraints, and lack of inspiration.


Fortunately, some interior design bloggers are dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams of designing their own homes. These individuals are known for their impeccable taste and creativity when it comes to interior design. These home decor bloggers offer you an ideal affordable decorating ideas for you to create a place that is both functional and scenic.


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