Thesis Abstract:

Weddings are one of the most significant and celebrated events in one’s life specially the bride. A wedding consists of a lot of elements but for a bride, her soul mate and her bridal dress are the most important elements in the wedding. India is going through a progressive transformation phase wherein everyone looks up to media, Bollywood and technology for all their quirky, unique special updates and trends. Today with so many options, preferences and choices available, it becomes almost impossible for one to decide and be completely satisfied. Today time has become the utmost importance contemporary age and entity whose focus remains on giving a smooth customer journey without any hassle is going to succeed. Factors like convenience, moment of ease, easily accessible, have become new age additions for an entity in terms of competitive advantage when it comes to sustaining a customer.


Bridge the gap website helps one bridge the gap of going to various brands and shops and finding a perfect bridal dress. All the dresses available at ‘that time’ on various shops will be seen on this website to give the customer firsthand knowledge of dresses available at that time. This will help the customer choose dresses before hand and then go to the shop to try the same dress for look, feel and fitting.



Credit – Divya Jain – Class of 2018

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