Roller coaster Ride @ISDI

2 months at ISDI — a roller coaster ride around Design and Systems Thinking, Design and Form, Creative Visualisation and what not — a mixed bag with innovation as the core. This has been my understanding of the PG-DI course, validated by the first design I created, about 2 months back, (cover image of this post)

As a side note, I am an engineer by profession, who decided to jump into design, but everything seems so much better when designed keeping deeper aspects into mind, and not just the physical/electronic/usage in mind — aesthetics+user needs play a major role. This is what I am here to learn. I hope this doodle puts you closer to my state of mind, which I hope will get refined in the next few months. I have decided to go with the flow, and explore the best of my capabilities — my restless hands playing along.

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