Designing principles can be utilized for a lot of processes. It isn’t limited to only designing fields like product designing, fashion designing, interior designing, and many more. It plays a significant role in event management fields as well, especially those that involve decision-making. 


Do you find yourself being an effective decision-maker? And you’re also curious to utilize design principles further in your career?


If yes, then Strategic Design Management is the perfect field for you. How? Let’s find out!


What is Strategic Design Management?


Strategic Design Management can be seen as an interplay between Design Thinking and Business Strategy. Strategic design refers to the professional field wherein the designers use design principles, tools, and methods for decision-making that have a long-term impact on organizations, communities, and the ecosystem at large. 

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A strategic designer is trained to handle complex socio-economic issues, including establishing a culture of systematic innovation within a corporate environment. In the strategic design process, you’ll need to identify and understand a problem and then find a solution to it. 


Strategic design management uses art and science elements to facilitate an organization to achieve its objectives. This field is essential because a strategic designer formulates a clear business strategy with the proper logical framework to handle any risks involved to ensure long-term growth. The implementation is carried out through the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis. 


There’s much to strategic design management that you can explore! This field has a lot to provide to growing businesses now that you know the hows, let’s indulge into what is the importance of strategic management.


Importance of strategic management?


Fun Fact: According to Adobe, about 50% of design-led companies report more loyal customers due to having advanced design practices


For a business, despite its size, strategic management becomes very essential. Through strategic design management, the organizations can evaluate all the existing operational processes and help the brand to work on its areas for improvement. 


A professional is required for this task and that could be you! A strategic designer works as a bridge between businesses and users, bringing them close to each other. You’ll be responsible for understanding organizational issues and user problems, and designing policies that will give solutions to both parties involved. 

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Essentially, you’ll use analytical processes to identify potential opportunities and threats that the business will have to employ. Let’s understand this with the help of an example. 


For example, you are working with a brand specializing in kids’ clothing. Your company wants to target parents living in tier I and II cities. As a strategic designer, you’ll be required to conduct research for the same and design an appropriate strategy that will get your company more customers from those tiers by using analytics and designing principles.  


Now that you know what your job entails, let’s give you more motive! The scope of strategic design management is very far-reaching. And if you trust the experts then it’s boundless 😉 


Scope of strategic management


The purpose of strategic management is to use and create new and different opportunities for the future, it is an integral part of all fields. An employee who knows strategic design management can earn an average of ₹26.8 lakhs, starting from ₹19 lakhs and going up to ₹46.5 lakhs.


There are many career options after you graduate with a master’s in strategic design & management. The career scope of strategic management includes: 


  • Creative Director 
  • Design Manager
  • Strategy Developer
  • Art Director
  • Strategy Designer
  • User Researcher 
  • Service Design Strategist
  • Chief Design Officer
  • Design Thinking Facilitator 
  • Product Design Lead


Every organization mostly has a position for strategic designers like you, maybe under a different title. However, more than anything, you need to improve your skills in strategic design management and we are more than happy to help you with that!


Wait wait, this is true. Did you know that about 75% of organizations self-report that they are engaged in design thinking? Many successful brands have been successful in utilizing the expertise of strategic designers. Two popular brands you would know of include:


  • Starbucks

The brand placed the needs of its consumers at the forefront. One of the ways was to position tables strategically to make solo coffee drinkers less self-conscious and more comfortable. 

Starbucks cup

  • Nike

To build the brand’s position in skateboards, the business engaged in conversations with skateboarders to understand their needs and wants. Afterward, Nike released the Nike Dunk SB line of shoes and experienced tremendous success. 


Hence, brands are indeed in need of strategic designers to increase their reach and output. You can become a trained professional with exact skills for strategy design management by honing your skills from specialists like us!

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We hope we have given you a direction regarding the application of strategic design management, and whether it will be the right career for you. With the world placing more focus on entrepreneurship and marketing, strategy becomes vital.  


How can ISDI help:


With us, you can hone your creativity, administration, marketing, arts, and technology skills and have good field opportunities. That’s where we come in! 


ISDI offers various design programs such as Strategic Design Management, Product Design Fashion Design, Fashion Communication and Styling, Interior Design and Strategic Design, Communication Design, and Management. Pursuing one of the degree programs, that is, Bachelors in Design (B.Des) – 4-year program or Postgraduate In Design (PGDI) – 11 months program. Either of the programs is an alternative to a career in fashion and design. 


The ISDI campus is located in the business district of Mumbai, the commercial center of India. ISDI consists of a curriculum that is based on that of the Parsons School of Design, experienced and industry-leading faculty, and practical project-based training, all situated on a state-of-the-art campus. ISDI is just the right place for someone looking to start a career in design. 

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