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Join India's Only design- led Summer School Program, in the heart of Mumbai

A 10-day intensive summer program exposing young students between the 9th - 12th grade to hands-on-learning with a transdisciplinary approach to enhance hard skills and soft skills. Certified by the New Schools Parson, the ATLAS ISDI Summer School Program prepares students to step into the world of creativity, design and technology and gives them a peek into their life at the ATLAS ISDI, in the heart of India’s innovation capital – Mumbai. The courses of ISDI PCA are specially curated to help you explore Design Thinking, Creativity and Digital Collaboration, which will help you to make more informed academic and career choices.

The summer school is a powerhouse of idea generation that will enable students to be independent thinkers, give them access to diverse communities, fellow students and culture that will open their minds to new ways of thinking to tackle global challenges. Students will explore Mumbai as a classroom, enhance life skills and immerse themselves into an introduction to various disciplines of design such as interior design, animation, communication, product design, fashion and contemporary arts from distinguished ATLAS faculty. You will be able to experience university equivalent sessions, interact with accomplished design professionals, and work on building an exciting body of work, which will add to your personal portfolios; at the same time, make lifelong friends who are as passionate & creative as You.


1. Learn new-age skills that empower you to build your future
2. Enhance your confidence, soft skills and competencies
3. Understand design disciplines
4. Kickstart your portfolio and write your Statement of Purpose
5. Be University Ready
6. Build your creative community
7. Explore Mumbai



1. Develop soft skills and hard skills
2. Experience life at Design School
3. Explore your potential by engaging in multiple creative disciplines
4. Get inspired and experience Mumbai your classroom