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Introduction to Design Studio

An exciting journey that enables a learner to discover the world of design through a unique combination of engaging exercises and collaborative projects. The Summer School will stimulate students' capacity to think out-of-the-box and challenge them to find tangible solutions to problems. As a university-equivalent curriculum, the summer school will give the students an experience of studio classes, reviews and immersions. They will also learn to work alongside highly motivated students to shape their portfolios and explore creative education options. At the end of each workshop, students will have tangible outcomes for every topic they learn in the process. Through a transformative learning & exploration process, the Introduction to Design Studio course builds critical 21st century skills, such as design thinking, creativity, innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, lateral thinking, communication and presentation skills.

This course introduces you to linear & lateral ways of solving problems. It also channelizes your youthful enthusiasm & millennial perceptions in a productive, creative direction.


This program is designed to aid students in understanding themselves as they build a strong Statement of Purpose that will aid them in applying to the schools and universities of their choice. It will guide them on ways of seeing, thinking and writing, providing the skills needed to construct and present the right narrative of themselves to the world at large.

Design thinking

Image Making & Animation

The course explores various hands-on techniques and concepts of Animation and concept art. From a crafty approach to the miniature world of animation to the world building for games and movie concepts, students will learn the physical and digital aspects of the art of animation. The course is built on an experimental approach to teaching and learning Animation.

working with 2d

Working with Mixed Media

This workshop is all about moving from 2- dimensional medium to familiarisation of 3- dimensional media in Art & Design. They students will explore various mediums available at home and do some textural study. They will also discover the rudiments of aesthetics and composition. All this while, learning to use different kinds of medium for creative problem solving.

Working with Mixed Media

Illustration & Spaces

This program aims to introduce students to the world of conceptual spaces through decrypting culture, tradition, material and visual play of light and colour. Students will explore concepts and ideas of experience through illustrations, miniature models and photography that will provide visual evidence of the human-space relationship.

Interior Design

Alternative Fashion

The module gives a flavour of the Next Generation Product Design Industry. Students will explore research methods, learn the art of creative problem solving and generate solutions within a tech driven environment. The outcome of the course will be working mockups of their designs.

Fashion Styling

Jewellery & Accessory Photography

This program aims to introduce students to the strategies and skills behind capturing the perfect image for marketing & editorial campaigns in the context of jewellery and accessory portraiture. From magazine advertisements to Instagram campaigns, the right image is worth a thousand words, and a designer with these skills becomes the storyteller with a magic pen.

Design thinking

Product and techmech

'Design is so Simple, That's why it's complicated' - Paul Rand.

From a clip to a car, Product Design plays an integral role in our daily lives. This module introduces students to the design thinking process to design a simple product. Starting with Discovering a problem, Empathising with the user, Defining the problem, Ideating solutions, making prototypes and then testing them. The module will take the students through all the stages with hands-on experience.

Working with Mixed Media

Brand & Campaign

This program aims to introduce students to creating and launching a brand. The interactions will define Who and what all are part of it when the process begins. It will include the building of the brand to advertising the brand, keeping in mind design, strategy, and marketing. Students will walk away with the skills that make them storytellers ready for the industry.

Interior Design

Photography and spaces

The course aims to introduce students to interior-built environments and create unique forms through the play of light and shadow. These forms will further see an application of materials and colour to generate tangible interior spaces.

Fashion Styling

Public speaking

Public speaking can mean different things in different contexts. Whether it is speaking before a panel of interviewers, delivering a lecture or seminar or a TED Talk, addressing a team of subordinates or a board of directors, public speaking skills make or break one's ability to become an influencer, a leader, or a change-maker. The course introduces students to the techniques of, first knowing, and then transporting as well as moving an audience.

Fashion Styling

Story-telling and music

Theater entails a variety of skills that are useful if not essential for personal and professional development. In a safe space, students can first understand their limits and then transcend them by turning their weaknesses into strengths. They will develop essential values of empathy, observation, communication, collaboration, self-confidence and quick thinking, which in turn translate to discipline and time management, a conscientious and holistic approach and resourcefulness.

Fashion Styling

Animation and Film

The program aims to show the potential of ideas and tools in this advanced program. Students will explore visual concepts in storyboarding and will tinker with Zbrush to build an instant digital sculpt.

Interior Design