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Fashion Styling


A fashion stylist, by their choice of apparel, accessories, colours and fabrics, help individuals – be they celebrities, media professionals, models, CXOs or business magnates – create and exude a unique and personal sense of style.

ISDI’s Fashion Styling is a 15-week course that gives students an understanding of different aspects of styling, teaches them how to style for different occasions. Lessons cover personal styling, TV styling, styling for advertisements, styling for the movies, styling for designers and still-life styling.

The industry-leading fashion styling course gives students a view into the fashion industry, the history of costume design, what makes trends, how to use colour and much more. The course also includes a group project and a portfolio submission, both of which help students put the skills they have learnt in the classroom into practice.

Learning Outcome

By the successful completion of this course pair, students will be able to:

  • Be able to understand the basics and general idea of fashion styling
  • To be able to assist a stylist on shoot as an intern or assistant stylist
  • To have a portfolio of their own showcasing their personal style
  • To have a strong sense of their own personal style
  • To be able to recognize trends and quick fashion tips


+ Week 1

Introduction to fashion styling, Class Introduction, Introduction to the Mag Group Project - (research material to be brought in on week 3), Introduction to fashion film, with viewing of a fashion film – getting into fashion research based on the film viewed. Discussion on fashion film and different styling references in the film.

+ Week 2

Introduction to personal style, each student discusses own personal style. Introduction to fashion trends – what works what makes an impact in the fashion world. Trends today and which are repeating. Sewing workshop, explanation of what sewing skills are required on shoot. How to drape an outfit.

+ Week 3

Introduction to fashion PR, different types of PR, your own marketing and branding as a stylist. Form groups –it will focus only on the group project - research material has to be brought by the student. Ending the class with clips of the best runway shows.

+ Week 4

Recap on trends - including shows from the worst and best. Touching on fashion blogging vs Fashion styling. Introduction to solo project and one to ones with students. Introduction to wardrobe styling. Touch on color analysis

+ Week 5

History of fashion, Customized clothing, how social media affects styling, Vintage styling, Editorial styling, Online fashion styling, digital age

+ Week 6

Recap fashion styling with questions from students, going into more details. Magazine project recap, fashion film recap and research from last class. Touching on still life styling

+ Week 7

TV, add styling, working on solo portfolios – one to one s, Still life demo of sewing workshop or field work – assist on a shoot. History of Costume

+ Week 8

History of costume, Last consultancy of group project – one to one with groups. Future of fashion

+ Week 9

Trends recap, Fashion blogging research collected, solo portfolio recap , wardrobe editing

+ Week 10

Group project submission

+ Week 11

Fashion styling recap and details , Recap on designer styling , TV, movie and add campaigns .Fashion film project

+ Week 12

Solo Portfolio presentation last recap

+ Week 13


+ week 14

Guest lecture and shoot

+ Week 15

Final Submission!


Culture & Place


Learn From top Fashion Designers, Marketers & Brands


Fashion Finds A New Home - Lower Parel


The Fashion Business Incubator, right around the corner

Understanding the pulse of ever-changing trends and styles requires you to have every-day access to the most celebrated houses of fashion in the world.

At ISDI, we give you a jump up on the rest, with an ideal location that places you at the heart of India's fashion houses and the country's top designers, who craft trend setting wonders within a 1000 metre radius of our school. Our world-class campus also offers easy access to Mumbai's premier luxury & premium retail destination- The Palladium Mall, the home of world-renown names like Louis Vuitton, Zara, Diesel, Versace, Armani & more.

With the expertise of named designers like Bandana Tewari, Narendra Kumar & Shivan & Naresh, among others, find your place in Mumbai's best known fashion events, with Lakme Fashion Week, India's Top Model & Sketch to Store being just a few names on the list.

With so much exposure to the craft, ISDI offers you a hot seat at the table of India's premier fashion industry.


Student Work

Explore the variety of projects that our students work on, while at ISDI.





Candidates who have appeared for a 10 + 2 examination (e.g. A levels, CBSE, HSC, IBDP, ISC etc), or its educational equivalent in any discipline (e.g: Science, Commerce, Arts) with an interest in Design & Innovation. Although, successful completion of the 10 + 2 examination is necessary to confirm the admission, our institution does accept predicted or preliminary grade indications until final results are declared.


Admission Process

+ Step 1 - Application Form

Your application helps us to learn about you. Please complete the form with all your details and the Purpose of Study. Click here to Apply.

You will receive a confirmation email with your application number after you have successfully submitted the online form. If you have not received an acknowledgment within 24 hours, please contact us on the Admissions Line +91 77188 65341 or +91 90043 06222.

Required Application Material to be couriered or hand delivered to ISDI:

  • Copies of Mark sheets (Final Year grade if completed)
  • Declaration form duly filled which can be downloaded from here or it also will be sent in the mail after completing the application form
  • 2 Passport size recent photographs against a plain background (any colour)
  • Photocopy of a valid id proof  

+ Step 2 - Pay the Application Fee

Application Fee for ISDI Challenge Rs. 1500 (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred Only) Online Payments can be made through our payment partner  Paytm You can log on to- and select New Registration and fill the payment details. Please do mention the Application Form No OR via demand draft in favour of "ISDI" payable at Mumbai

+ Step 3 - Personal Interview

What to carry on the day of the interview?

Original Id proof of the photocopy of the id submitted in the application material

+ Step 4 - Enrollment into the program

  • Registration & Admission Fee of 15,000 and a refundable Security Deposit of 25,000 are payable within 20 days of receiving the confirmation of successfully clearing the ISDI Challenge.
  • The Registration & Admission Fee is a onetime fee payable only in the first year on confirmation of admission. Candidate should be sure of taking the admission in ISDI as this fee is strictly Non-refundable.
  • The interest free Security Deposit is payable on confirmation of admission and will be refunded on completion of the chosen program.
  • In case of withdrawal of admission, candidate needs to provide an official application of withdrawal of admission.
  • Security Deposit will be non refundable if there are any payment dues pending after commencement of course or admission withdrawn during the course.

* All refunds will be considered and governed by our Fee Refund & Guideline Policy